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Shipping & Returns


 customer Service for our Online store  TipicosPR.com strives to offer excellent customer service. Please feal free to call us with any questions you may have. Our customer service number is 716-935-7610 (se Habla ESPANOL) You may also send us an e-mail with any questions @ tipicospr@gmail.com  All calls/emails will be returned within 24 hours. 
Shipping Policy: Domestic Shipping: Depending on the size of the item, we may use USPS Priority mail or USPS Parcel Post. All in stock orders are shipped from New York and should be received within 2 - 4 business days. Please note ship times on product pages for more specific details.
Prices:  prices  are subject to change without notice.
Guarantee and Returns Polic

Claims must be field within two (2) days of receipt of merchendise. We will not accept garments  that have been washed, worn or thorn. , Art, accessorys and costumes have no exchange. However, we do not refund freight charges.
We will gladly replace the garment for another size only.
In case of return the client needs to pay the shipping and handling.

 All merchandise that was bought on sale for 50% off does not change or money back

    Note:we will not refund money for orders that have been shipped corectly with the specifications that you have cast in your order through the page www.tipicospr.com

Payment Terms: You can pay by Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Money Orders and Debit/Check cards.  Please contact us for details. All air and overseas shipments must be prepaid

Delivery: Via United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S.). We use U.S.P.S. only for shipments outside the continental United States.
every order posted after 3pm ester standart time, will be counted as next business day.
 we only deliverd to the U.S, U.S Teritory .


FedEx 2nd Day-only from monday to thursday-no Po.Box or Companies

To use this service you must make your orders before 10am, Easter time. your package will arrived in 72hrs to 80hrs from the time you order.
Keep in mind that some of our products are hand-painted and require additional time. Please call with any questions.


no tex no Voice mail


Insurance:  In case of receipt of damaged shipment, or if any package is missing, please file claim directly with the carrier and notify us so that we may follow up.


General Information: Please provide us with your street address for delivery. We also need your phone number to contact you and to verify your order. Providing us with alternate phone numbers will be very helpful.


Business Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm (estern Standard Time) Close Sunday and Holidays. e-mail tipicospr@gmail.com  hours a day, 7 days a week.






we specialize in,Typical Garments,Original Desings , Art,and accessories that relate to the culture of Puerto Rico and Latin American countries.

We specialize in Puertorican clothing